12/7/2017 -

We are going to see how long I edit the html here...I bought a new groovebox thing and suddenly decided that I could now magically play live shows by myself. So first show up is a Super Dark Thursday at River St Pub with Ugly Muppets and Paradox Saints. I'm really psyched to play and hope I don't trainwreck. In any case, get there early as I'm insisting that I'm on first.

8/20/2017 -

Holy Smokes. I'm still updating this ancient site via a text editor! But I'm not changing it. What is happening though is that I'm putting out records again and can do fancy things like embed them in this web page. Here they are. Double Free or Corruption and 2x Free Bonus Tracks! Double Free or Corruption should be streamable by your favorite service on or near 9/5/2017. The Bonus Tracks album is, for now, Bandcamp exclusive.

Both are free/pay what you want! Hope you enjoy. I'm out until the next big thing...still writing/recording.

1/2/2016 -

NOSTALGIA RULEZ!! Sinkcharmer is back. Reunited with myself and a little Tascam DP-008EX just like the old days (with a new 8-track). It's really, really refreshing to have this kind of workflow and no live band considerations to cater to (no offense to Jen and Jef). What this means is that for the foreseeable future there will be new Sinkcharmer songs up at the Sinkcharmer Soundcloud page. Mount Mole, isn't gone, but maybe it was/is the same thing. When asked what the difference was, I gave a weak answer.

This site will, for the time being, remain completely old school like my current musical approach. That means I have to edit html to update the page. I am old and I know how to do that punks. That said, here's a list of fancy "new internet" sites that you should probably follow/like/whatever if you want up to date tracks/info. EXTRACURRICULAR
  • Haley Moley - Current live rock band
  • Mount Mole - This project with more loops
  • The Operators - Perennial Somerville Band Reunion
  • Albumen - Mid 2000's supergroup I was in
  • Beaked Whale - Great band I was in that is currently in stasis. Will eventually release two albums that were recorded but not quite finished.

3/9/2010 -

The end is the beginning again. Sinkcharmer is no longer. It seems a strange thing to say as it's really been one person at the core for the life of the project. Truth is that I'm tired of the name. The grand project of my life lives on at Mount Mole. Mount Mole, on the whole, is not all that different from Sinkcharmer. It's just a new and different name. So this site becomes a placeholder to a site that looked like a blog before there were blogs or even CSS (go HTML editing!).

In the meantime, you can get a Sinkcharmer fix at our bandcamp site. Stars in Winter is up there for the taking (or buying if you're still into physical things). It'll ask for an email address. I'll likely never use it, but if I do, it will be for very sporadic announcements from Mount Mole. You can always opt-out after the fact as well. Other records in the back catalog will be added in the coming year as well.

And finally, you can fan us on Facebook, which is where I'll be putting forward future updates. Thank you and goodnight.

6/20/2007 -

In the throes of summer, my wife and I started selling at the farmers market. So...yeah. You don't care about that. You want more songs. Well last night I moved a few pieces of recording gear from my basement upstairs and started recording. Basically, at this point, Sinkcharmer is going to be an outlet for whatever it is that I can't do in my other band (Albumen). Right now that means electronic and keyboard stuff (ok maybe some mandolin and banjo too). I'll warn you that I've been pretty excited about Dan Deacon lately.

In Vegetable Farmer news, we got a super nice review over at!

5/20/2007 -

Comp alert! Sincharmer has a new song called Press Pass out on a cassette comp lovingly put together by the fine folks at JKTapes. As you can see from the pic, the packaging looks amazing. No, I don't have my copy quite yet (got the release email yesterday), but I recognize a bunch of bands on the comp. This is cool stuff.

If'n you want to order it, go hither.

In other news, not much is happening. Sadly I accidentally wiped out a couple of songs I was working on. I'll take it as a sign that those songs sucked (please nod your head in agreement). It's planting time, so all of my free time is spent on the farm. I'm serious about the vegetable farmer thing.

And speaking of Vegetable Farmer, the record was ranked #23 on KDVS's (Davis,CA) 5/14/07 chart!

1/16/2007 -

Boy did I almost put my foot in my mouth. I told you that Vegetable Farmer was going to be out soon, and here it is....January. I'm living through another round of camping at home during a big ice storm. A wind storm power outage last February inspired the song Allis Chalmers so it seems appropriate that the record IS AVAILABLE NOW!!!! Asaurus will have it orderable later today, and it'll be $5 cheap. YayyyyyyyYY!

9/10/2006 -

And everybody cried "Bullshit!!!!" Um...yes Vegetable Farmer is coming. It's all mastered and awaiting assembly. The packaging is going to do Asaurus proud. You will likely be able to order it from Asaurus sometime in Early-Mid October. In the meantime, I've posted a song at our MySpace page and here's a really bad/awesome video for what is arguably either the worst/best song on the record. Rockit.

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